Our goal

To become your partner and co-owner in developing an early-stage idea to meet the market. We commit to invest required human capital resources into pre-revenue ideas to develop a MVP and make financial injections to ideas that have secured at least few clients and started generating revenue. We are here to become your early-stage reliable co-founders that are able to provide required product development resources and capital to firmly enter the global market.

“It’s almost always harder to raise capital than you thought it would be, and it always takes longer. So plan for that.” 
Richard Harroch

Venture Capitalist and Author

 Blue Lime Labs provides


Pre-revenue ideas are allocated access to our professional team with expertise in IT, sales, marketing, and design in order to quickly build and test a MVP.


Our well-developed network will allow you to rapidly test ideas, concepts, designs globally. As soon as your idea is ready for the next investment round our investor network will become open.


We commit to invest up to 50’000 EUR into ideas that have secured at least few deals and started generating revenue.


New business ideas are like infants –  fragile and curious, thus in most cases a helping hand may become the main driver to success. This is why Blue Lime Labs is here. 

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”
Guy Kawasaki

Co-Founder and Entrepreneur, Alltop

 Our focus

Is to develop and deliver business-to-business (B2B) solutions for global markets. Thus, if you have a brilliant B2B idea and are looking for co-founders to develop the product from zero, we have the right market expertise, development team, and financial resources to firmly enter the market. Thus, do not hesitate and get in touch to have a chat regarding a potential partnership.

“Even if you don’t have the perfect idea to begin with, you can likely adapt.”  
Victoria Ransom

Co-Founder , Wildfire Interactive

 We are looking for individuals who are:


Dedicating at least 70 hours a week to work only with the proposed idea. Meaning that we expect you to have no other obligations or commitments except as to bring your idea to the market. 


Being able to adapt to almost any situation and to make do with whatever is at hand to reach their goals. Whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination and who knows how to solve difficult problems with simple solutions.


Open-minded, passionate, and curious – constantly seeking to learn new things and ask millions of questions with the sole purpose of finding more information while being able to apply and take advantage of things learned in daily life and business.


Full of energy, determination to be successful, and ability to deal with new or difficult situations easily. Striving to be best in life and having a desire to work extremely hard to make it happen. Having all or nothing. 

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.”
Richard Branson

Founder , Virgin Group

 Our process


First, we are looking for the right partners to co-own and execute a profitable business. Ideally our future partner should be an individual or a team of two with skills and competences to solve an existing problem while profiting from it. If you consider yourself as our potential partner please get in touch and present your idea. 


Second, when we secure a mutually beneficial partnership arrangement – work starts with refining the idea during design thinking sessions. At these sessions we seek to validate the idea directly in the market. 


Third, after clarifying ideas to meet the market we ask the founders to estimate required  resources for building a full-featured minimal viable product (MVP) while trying to execute some pre-sale agreements with early adopters. 


Fourth, based on an agreed required resource estimation Blue Lime Labs allocates internal human resources to build a functional MVP and execute first sales. As soon as this is achieved and the business starts generating revenue we commit to make a financial injection.


Fifth, after the MVP finds its early customers Blue Lime Labs will help in securing future investment rounds through our investor network.


Sixth, as Blue Lime Labs is an early-stage investor we are looking to exit the business within 2-5 years from its launch.

 “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” 
Walt Disney

Co-founder , Disney


Are you dead set on running your own business and motivated enough to deal with problems and rejection to finally achieve profitable growth?

If your answer is „Hell yeah!“ than we might be the right partner for you.


Do not hesitate and contact us, because Blue Lime Labs can be your successful partner in taking the idea to market. Briefly describe yourself and the idea, also please attach an executive summary. 


We advise you to take a look at our sample executive summary. It may be of help to you in structuring yours accordingly. However, feel free to make amendments and improvements. Just remember that your goal is to make it as coherent, compact, easy to read, and informative as possible in one page. 


As we value your time and expect our potential partners to be professional, we provide a list of useful links in terms of structuring, refining, and designing your idea. We advice you to skim through and maybe give a thought or two before getting in touch.

 “Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.”


Drew Houston

Co-Founder and CEO, Dropbox



Blue Lime Labs is building a think tank, thus we are looking for people from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences: all types of software developers, designers, marketing gurus, sales people, and of course we like to share our experience with interns.

If you know you’re good at something, passionate about working in a constantly growing and motivated environment please fill out the form and join our fresh team.

Don’t be shy and submit your CV today and hear from us shortly after.

“Never, never, never give up.”
Winston Churchill

British Prime Minister


Blue Lime Labs team & investors


Per Møller

Investor and founder

Niels Peter Pretzmann

Investor and member of the investment committee

Gytenis Galkis

Entrepreneur & CEO

Mantas Mackevičius

CTO & lead developer

Blue Lime Labs has ties with more investors, advisers, and professional in the Baltic Region who engage with Blue Lime Labs investments and projects on case by case basis.

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Engaging employees one question at a time

Engagement is the fuel that drives the value of intangible assets.

PulseTip believes in unleashing company potential by analysing its most valuable assets in real-time. PulseTip offers a far more practical solution to the out dated annual climate surveys and e-mail based pulse surveys. Our Solution-as-a-Service system includes hardware, software, and suggestion based analytics to create stimulation rather than exasperation.

The ultimate tool to plan a public race

Race Optimizer is for anyone directly involved in the internal planning stages of a public race, festival, concert, or even film shoots. Race Optimizer is the easiest solution to provide detailed maps for municipality and police, to inform them of the race route so that re-directions of traffic and public transport can be arranged and appropriate road signs put in place.

Digital solutions for maritime community 

Harba is an innovation-driven Danish company digitalising and connecting the world’s marinas and boaters.

For marinas they have developed a cloud-based marina management software – HarbaMaster – which digitalises repetitive and time consuming marina management processes. It’s easy to use and adaptable to individual marina needs.

For boaters the company created – HarbaApp – a mobile app which lets reserve berths or mooring in advance as well as pay marina fees once a boater docks. The app is free to download and available in multiple languages.

Harba has a mission to make boating and running marinas a breeze!